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Our sand is a unprocessed/unwashed material mined from multiple locations in the Greater Houston Area. Generally, our sand will meet specifications which require that no more than 15% of the sand pass through a #200 sieve meaning that the sand is relatively free of fine grained silts and clays. However, being that it is an unprocessed/unwashed product it is not uncommon to find some clay clods, silt, or other impurities in small amounts. Generally this product is ordered as “bank sand” for bedding water lines or other drainage/utility structures or as “final grade” for smoothing rough graded areas prior to sod or concrete placement.
Select Fill
Sprint defines its select fill as any dirt fill material that is being used in an application that has certain specifications required by a soils engineer. Generally, most select fill used underneath concrete foundations or paving must have a low to medium plasticity index (PI) to replace or mitigate highly expansive clays which are common in the Houston area. Most select fill soils are qualified prior to and during placement by the project owner’s soils engineer on a job by job basis by means of sampling the material at the source or at the job site.
Our clay is mined from multiple locations and can come in a variety of different colors and consistencies. Generally, we deem any soils with a plasticity over 20 as clay material. Typical applications for clay would be on projects where a highly cohesive soil is desired to limit penetration of water or to limit erosion in certain areas. However, clay can be used in many other applications where high plasticity is not of concern.
Common Fill
Common Fill is terminology used to describe any fill material that does not require a certain specification to be met. Common Fill will most generally be delivered as a clay type material. However, the range of consistencies, color, and other characteristics can vary from location to location. Typically, common fill is the most cost effective product that can be used when no specifications are required on your project.
Our topsoil is an unscreened/unprocessed material generally mined from soils occurring within the top 6 to 18 inches of natural ground. This unscreened topsoil is a cost effective product that provides some of the organic qualities of a more expensive screened product. However, being that it is an unscreened/unprocessed product it may contain some impurities in the form of clay clods or small roots.
Stabilized Sand
Stabilized Sand is a product created by means of mixing varying amounts of cement, water and sand in a pugmill. Typically, this product is used as bedding and back-fill for underground utilities, highway retaining walls as well as many other applications where certain compressive strength specifications are required.
Crushed Concrete
Sprint Sand and Clay sells recycled crushed concrete in the form of 3”x5” “Bullrock” and Crushed Concrete “Flex Base”. Flex Base typically contains recycled crushed concrete with a gradation of 1.5” down to fines. And 3”x5” Bullrock contains recycled crushed concrete with a gradation of 3”-5” with no fines. Typical applications include stabilized construction access, rock filter dams, laydown yards, staging areas, all-weather roads, or sub-base for asphalt or concrete paving.


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Our Projects

Sprint Sand & Clay completed the Bretshire Detention Basin for the City of Houston as the Prime Contractor. Contract amount for this project was $4,715,038.00, and Sprint was required to remove and legally dispose of 825,210 cubic yards of dirt in 400 calendar days. Sprint Sand & Clay is an approved contractor with the City of Houston, Harris County and many other Municipalities in the Greater Houston Area.

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